/ Uitzendingen RTL 7

02-3 19:30
- Premier League - week 5 Exeter
03-3 12:45
- UK Open

Premier League



As if my 3 year old just span a poke stop and got a coat of metal and I spin it get 2 poke balls and a potion 😡 @OMGitsAliA
Lewis calls him out Lewis pumps him Lewis "Hes a nobody and you cant practice crapping yourself" Goodnight https://t.co/DUDAfN1Rov
He can always fall back on his £50 exbos. Atleast he takes Barrie Bates with him. Someone people would actually wan… https://t.co/Y4qS5cCUvx
Someone walked on the moon at 39. I have 8 more years to go #easy #iHaveMoreChanceThanHeDoes https://t.co/039eaGUsPG
Because if someone disses my man. Im all over it. Always have been and always will be 😂 https://t.co/Jncw0S8Km8
Off to Barnsley with grumpy AKA @piggin180 for the first player championships of the season. https://t.co/cXQsIinsKR
On the way to Circus Tavern with @rwigley28 for the big game tonight @KDeller138 @BobbyGeorge180 @Wayne501Mardle https://t.co/IaHWXnBwpM
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