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Co over darteritus: ''Voelt alsof je op school gepest wordt''

Grand Slam of Darts

14-11-2017 01:11

Stompé werd ook door Radio 538 gevraagd om de term 'darteritus' te verklaren, klik hier voor het fragment



Look back on a great week Now look forward to the next one! https://t.co/3ILK1U9296
So Niasse is the first player charged by the FA for simulation..... let’s see how consistent they are throughout th… https://t.co/M8tgtla9BW
Thanks guys, yes see you there 👍 https://t.co/UXTWOpaxrZ
That's BS https://t.co/r3GyIuDURx
Back in action in minehead this wknd I play Justin pipe Friday afternoon
Morning troops. Another title for MVG last night. The man is a machine. Must be great to be able to retire before 35 if you want 😂👏🏿
🏆👍 https://t.co/JfLtPbUv7P
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