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Bestel hier je kaarten voor de PDC EuroTour 2018 in Nederland!

29-12-2017 22:15

De PDC EuroTour komt in 2018 weer naar Nederland, zorg dat je erbij bent door nu al je tickets te bemachtigen! 

11 – 13 mei 2018: DUTCH DARTS MASTERS 2018 – ZWOLLE
7 – 9 september 2018: DUTCH DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 – MAASTRICHT

Koop je tickets via: https://www.pdc-europe.tv/en/buy-tickets/



Here is the link https://t.co/YJuYunq5bh
Doing a radio interview tomorrow night for an hour at 8 pm on radio Norfolk. Hope you all tune in just hope I don’t say nothing stupid lol 🎯
How I feel realising I went 3-0 down two games in a row against 2 players in the top 8 in a race to 5!! Gave myself… https://t.co/qQivkb91pZ
Wasn’t to be tonight, we move forward to Lakeside! A massive thank you to the crowd and people in The Netherlands… https://t.co/ZqiVsgJ1lm
Michael Speight!!! https://t.co/o4f40iBpN7
Is it just me or do everyone use steps to do the christmas tree lol https://t.co/ILjDWvDRgP
@rockstar_13_ if you were going to go fishing with @DEMOLITION180 what type of fishing would it be?
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