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Extra avond Ahoy binnen 10 minuten uitverkocht!

09-3-2018 11:54

Net als de eerste Premier League avond in Rotterdam op 19 april is nu ook de extra avond op 18 april in Ahoy binnen 10 minuten uitverkocht! Heb jij kaarten bemachtigd dan zien we jou binnenkort in Rotterdam! Kom alvast in de stemming met onderstaande video. :)



Here is the link https://t.co/YJuYunq5bh
Doing a radio interview tomorrow night for an hour at 8 pm on radio Norfolk. Hope you all tune in just hope I don’t say nothing stupid lol 🎯
How I feel realising I went 3-0 down two games in a row against 2 players in the top 8 in a race to 5!! Gave myself… https://t.co/qQivkb91pZ
Wasn’t to be tonight, we move forward to Lakeside! A massive thank you to the crowd and people in The Netherlands… https://t.co/ZqiVsgJ1lm
Michael Speight!!! https://t.co/o4f40iBpN7
Is it just me or do everyone use steps to do the christmas tree lol https://t.co/ILjDWvDRgP
@rockstar_13_ if you were going to go fishing with @DEMOLITION180 what type of fishing would it be?
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