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Extra avond Ahoy binnen 10 minuten uitverkocht!

09-3-2018 11:54

Net als de eerste Premier League avond in Rotterdam op 19 april is nu ook de extra avond op 18 april in Ahoy binnen 10 minuten uitverkocht! Heb jij kaarten bemachtigd dan zien we jou binnenkort in Rotterdam! Kom alvast in de stemming met onderstaande video. :)



Just didn't happen for me tonight. Not sure why. Mensur played fantastic full credit to him. I'll work hard to mak… https://t.co/QpVoIk4NSR
Ja, zo wint iedereen het bracket natuurlijk. https://t.co/ueCulGK7ac
Had a good rest after the World Championships, now it’s time to get back to business and get the new season off to… https://t.co/YEPLygR3gC
Arrived in Milton Keynes ahead of the Masters this weekend..... can’t wait to make my debut tomorrow night ???? thanks… https://t.co/dRxKjJJGs5
Thanks guys , was a great night all round!! @RW_Birmingham https://t.co/figScDVex9
I wish all 16 players good luck in the Masters !! And @GaryAnderson180 a speedy recovery !! I am preparing for the… https://t.co/F2Bozy5m1d
???????? https://t.co/seIMxwDVXa
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