OVER THE TOP !!! With @PhilTaylor @Superchin180 @Wayne501Mardle and others !!! https://t.co/yvugGs3ZjU
Phone lead caught fire last night and it wasn’t covered @Apple #shocking Has this happened to anyone else? https://t.co/Szz7w8IYdg
Wie komt we ook naar de veiling tbv @Dierbescherming haarlemmermeer Bij Keukenconcurrent cruquius ?! Word gezellig! Tot straks
My new profile pic 😍😍 https://t.co/P8RmrSAo1b
Exhibition this Saturday in Whitby then Tenerife for 10 days! Ready for a break now , just can’t seem to get myself… https://t.co/EABTRnmaCc
One year has passed by since this horrific attack. Thinking about all the families this has affected… https://t.co/2Pol8A9NMf
Ik niet, maar mijn volgers zijn met velen en soms ook heel wijs https://t.co/NjxGGK9mZ4
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