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Ik luister ALTIJD naar Borsato voor de wedstrijd!

11-12-2017 11:17:21

Raymond van Barneveld geeft antwoord op kijkersvragen! Onder andere: Waarom staat er geen Barney meer op je shirt? Wat voor muziek luister je voor de wedstrijd? Wie moet er bondscoach worden van Oranje?



Does anyone no where I can get good tickets for the Man U vs juve game to take my son to his first @ManUtd game. Bo… https://t.co/bTWQvuBgoE
@Webby180 Played well today mark, very consistent. Play like that and you will be ok. Best of luck.
Play off for world pro it is then!! Will give it everything then either way it’s looking ahead to next year
Gary loses to Rickey Evans in the last 32
Gary wins his 2nd game by 6 legs to 4 #teamando
First up today for Gary is Ryan Searle #teamando
Play brilliant n then play pants. Suppose that’s me at the moment but practicing hard. Some brilliant comments from… https://t.co/IuAHDm2TWf
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