#YouPromised https://t.co/PjkIn6zqth
Zo ongeloof blij met deze 2 avonden !! Bedankt @rotterdamahoy en het FANTASTISCHE publiek !! #BARNEYARMY Nou kan ik… https://t.co/4lX3ulpxxc
It doesn’t get any better then this !!! @rotterdamahoy was amazing !! I had 2 fantastic nights and the Orange crowd… https://t.co/H1IH8MGiyh
A bit of a disaster for me these last couple of nights. Just couldn't seem to click. I have to say the crowd were… https://t.co/Mq4B77l6Cd
I am really gutted to lose those games in Rotterdam in front of amazing crowd. No excuses. I only can blame myself… https://t.co/aquzYvaq3k
Nothing better when Gary’s in top form #teamando
When in full flow, Gary Anderson is at his natural best, and is the best in the world by a mile in my opinion. 🎯
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